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benark route 02/25/2009

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early warm lunar spring

its a warm while blizzrads frequented early lunar spring. 2 or 3 snows descended since lunar new year. the bright sunshine always let me happy. family life since then also warm and enjoyable. every sight caught of beauties can let me sigh. i hold my dream of my beautiful most beloved girls even more deep and embeded. dog in China surveillance still pested me, blocking my access to torrent or p2p download world wide, and leting my surfing on home pc a painful experience. the gifts from my God, also from my beloved in holiday, enchanted me every moment when i pick them. i looked into every possible message to probe when i get united with them in new place and settings. God, u see how my heart full of miss for them, my girls in praying.

those days also for me busy, to expand my web presence more penetratively. i enjoyed the interesting sites, like retaggr.com or posterous.com, and their service. i don't want contented by my google and other sites with which i binded our ties, and lost pulse of the bustling new startups. however, with the size of my current web sites, adding a new member sites can result in many rebuilding of connections and corrections. but i don't complain, that's my cyberspace business for my corp.

its more and more melting into green spring, to which i looked forward with so many hopes. i love seeing the light atmosphere and refreshing air. i love to carry my camera everywhere, with new sight in retrospect.i love seeing beautiful legs of female, and their blossomy, and sunburn's sting on skin. i love seeing my girls breezing me with female's tendering.

that's my wish for the new spring. i oath God seeing my fate closer to reunite with my beloved.

harmonious family in bright early spring

gaming baby son with his cousin.

squeezing brain.

empty waiting room of emakingir's house.

baby in lunch.
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an extreme busy week

my site now developed to a scale that can keep me driving. since Monday after read some news in my google reader, i sidestepped into claiming new accounts and sites under my family title. from Tuesday to Thursday i seldom had time to break, just full force with claiming and customizing my new sites with different portals, like cocomment and retaggr, etc. however, this morning i see the light i can finally touched them and settled at least in this afternoon before enjoyed reading tech news as usual again.

its also dirty days in the passed week. a snow, the second in lunar 2009, descended near the noon yesterday and its moderately covered the road and the ground. dirty wills in office never conceal to challenge me, esp.the facing bastard, with a family name Yin (in English negative), in office, and the gay, a driver, in the facing room and on the direction on my back. they did their best to devil willed and profaned the holy spirit. they died before the end of their time in the world, and the snow will cleanse and buried their corps.

its really nice to see my site's expanding. i wish my site grows with these innovative dotcomes and win with the big.

ok, here is my loot these days:

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benark route 02/19/2009

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first snow in Valentin Day, also first in lunar 2009

this weekends i slept a lot. baby's mother, ema, tentatively separated her and our baby from me for days, and i got clear my departure from her was set. i hated to leave my baby son any moment, and the evil family of ema's, gathered strength these days to persuade her holding baby as her owning and prevent my holding dear to baby sooner the better. in most broking-heart moment i pray to God that he should know the demon, but in peace i know no one can alert the judge of Final. who owns, who has, who lost, all inscription. these days i felt burning upon the moment which gathering momentum after my girls in need of me, their bride and master in house as well as in world, sending me lunar new year's gift to let me equipped myself with my first camera and notebook, and new and first shoes in years, of  reunited with my most beloved. i don't know where they r and how far we remotely contacted, but my balance was shaky with concerns with my awaiting sweat-hearts. i hope i can enjoyed living with my girl, zhou, masheng, while seeing my baby son under eyelids, till he start his journey necessary and independent on the earth. today in ema's house, i can't evade her softened attitude to me but i gradually made it that i don't belong to her, no matter how she recognize the fact. i belong to my Empire. never ema's dirty family can bargain with, including my baby son, the God. i don't want to hurt her, including her insults all years in my time unpolished and beneath under earth in the past ten and more years in Qiqihar, the eccentric place i don't like.

who said i don't like snow? its again a saint moment of being baptized and saved by her, with her beautiful snow-white. dirty to dissolved in soil and hidden to be ignited like diamond. in the afternoon and night i was remind that my once beloved, girl Fang, now acted actively behind the scene. what she can get from me, i had laid it in my announcement in my google groups, like benzyrnill or faezrland, in the moment before i left Qiqihar to my home town last time in end of 2006, after my grand dad left me and my baby son admitted my absence in Qiqihar then. its a painful time but i never walk backward.

its time for sleep, in this silent room, after baby slept earlier tonight and shifted by his mom and herself to our bedroom. God, u see my beloved girls, that's my life i put in u. look after them and wait me to re-bloom here or in another place. i oath i will take u all in my arms and under the crown. i oath i m ur God and bride forever, proud as the Godfather. God, just take me away to the palace i should in, and live with my pleasure and eye-candies. i never look back. 


God sees me his way

yesterday is a pale day and on the road i known dirty wills poisoning me. the grandma arrived ema's home just after the time i due left but i lingered the afternoon. she surely a devil, and trying united with her family, including her daughter, ema. after work time, i bought baby bread and found he playing pc game when i called him in joy. in gaming when i met English word i don't know, he unusually called his mom's help. later in dinner ema's hatred turned apparent. their reckons and trading appeared in my mind and i couldn't allow their evils upon baby nor me. the night baby tried to approached me to console me, but i don't feel happy. on bed i recognized that his mom just turned more demons into her soul and catered to baby just want to make use of it for her rest of life.

the night i at first almost restlessly. the calculation of baby's mom and her family challenged me, forced me to notice them. they r all cheap service and essentially prostitutes. they tried hard to encompass baby with what he felt satisfied and hindered him from any truth into his view, including the truth that his dad loving him and he is a man, the Son, not a demon nor a female like theirs. they tried to band and burdened baby and me with the superficial moral of family to prevent their evils judged in time, their dark and dirty cage to burned in fire of condemned on the day of cleanse. i also got in view that my mother in home town also exerted the same trick in the passed years when i too young to let me keep distance from my grand father almost all of his life, except when i was first time trapped in asylum in home town, when my grand dad got a chance to visit me in the asylum and brought a bowl of strewed yellow beans, whose tastiness i never forgot, and let me see the deep love of my grand father on me. in most of my life so far i was covered and suffocated by my mother's soft and sweat words and treats, including delicacies, to let me forgot my dad's contribution to our family. she, in family name Hu, like ema and her mother, r evils cost other's lives to meet end of theirs. they r demons, and demons that bring original sin upon us, the demon costed Jesus on the cross.

after seeing that i saw God's mercy and his uncomparable glory. his eternal and untouchable. saved to see his life and re-rise, dead to in dust.

after i know his glory and prayed my appeals, i got my peace and felt into sleep. baby had slept aside me awhile but left to sleep in his own little bed aside ema. i saw God in us and affirmed us in shrine. i dreamed of some interpretors in QRRS, my superficial long time employer. in the dream i likely had a partner, and we might in trouble.

on the way to office, its a pale and windy morning. but i see the sunshine likely after dawn. now the brilliant sunshine just too nice outside of the window. i regret not to bring my favorite new camera with me. i love these all. 

last afternoon it snowed shallowly, stopped after about 3 hours falling from sky. its likely the only and last snow in spring of lunar 2009. God, i u see my need. i want to bring my camera everywhere, and seeing ur world every moment in still or moving.


family entertained in supermarket

elephant statue outside of the supermarket

baby manipulate toy canon.

win in colorful ball seas.

lunched with family in the snack area of the supermarket.
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a looming day

today its gloomy, the sun missed its clearness and brilliance. i still in the wildering of new bonus from my superficial employer, QRRS, totally amounted to ¥7060 around the lunar new year, including yesterday's ¥200. with it i already purchased a notebook and a FujiFilm camera, both let me felt completed. this time i will buy myself a pare of shoes. its just too in time, exactly yesterday i found my old shoe on right foot, offered by the grandma of my baby several years ago, leaking on the outer side. i never budgeted for a new shoes, but now i know my girl, zhou, urged me to replace it with hers'. God, u know how i want a life with my bride and pride, girl zhou, at once, right this time. i had waited for it too long. the only compensation, my baby son and my God, grows sound and fit, i just too thirsty for beauty in ur universe.
today its a high sensitive day. dirties around me restlessly attempted to challenge me, or ignite me to avoid them. the place of my office has turned into a rubbish bin or waste underground. i saw their corps before i can see their ghosts. God let me see the passing and the dead. today also a day for mourning, a day of grief. sins around gathered and desperate. my baby son bleeding in his nose last night and today still a bit stuffed, and i constantly felt lacking interests to accompany him to play pc games as usual. and i also felt hatred from folks in my home town, upon my innocent acquaintance. quite some young men there lost balance and hast to leave school to make money remote in south China. the labor market in nowadays China just too perished. i see these transit no bliss. its a pale day, and the road still icy even the dirty remnant of snow melting. i again went without my new camera in hand for lack of incentive. i deeply love to post every blog entry with a picture in it. i love seeing. ok, bye now. i wrote here for appeal to my girl, zhou, for her gifts, and sympathy to her need to live a famiy with me with our babies. we at least have a son and a daughter. u r sure in seasons, and live in pendent upon me, ur man and husband. i hope God not let it too painful nor let it lasting too long. missing u in heaven.


a busy day after lunar new year

in the morning i read some time to clear some awaiting feeds after a week in vacation. in the morning i used the ip of the department monitor and found its speedy when i uploaded my recent photos&video to my facebook, while other proxies within lan often errs-prone and lagging heavily. so in afternoon i doubting if i can make use of it with proxy to claim my recent namespace for my home town, zhudajiu, evading the China surveillance which blocked bothwordpress and livejournal and let me ill for quite some time. as soon as arrived in office after noon, i launched and found it working after tried some different proxies till a working one. then most of the afternoon busy with claiming 2 blogs, zhudajiu (my ancestor and first resident of my home town, a mountain village in central China), and dajiuzh, with wordpress and livejournal, after several weeks ago i built them with blogger.com. i did most and best customization with the 4 blogs, adding logo, widgets, sidebar and first blog entry.  dogs in the office, including the monitor and the hooligan facing me on desk, both complained my using their ips, which granted direct internet access in corporate lan while my was defied, when they absent. its just echo my last night dream, in which God shown me hooligans here around my family desparate for troubles that can cause me to worry. God, u also see my determination just before i woke up that i never tolerate hooligans and gansters.

this morning its shallowly snown, just to cleanse me of the dirty where i got in last night gathering in ema's relative's home, a family under surname Liu. i joined the party just to see my baby's free of ill wills around. there in the house its very sultry, but after arriving home i felt sore in my bone. another Liu, the resident understairs, knocked in just after we returned and talked with ema about her house's problem in aim to pursuad we took the responsibility of damage to her house. its just too dirty of the family name, Liu. in the night the hiden hooligans' exertion over my family dwelt in my dream and i really sawGod's shine over my Royal and my family name, zhu.

its also a bright sunny day. in the morning when i approached the office window to fetch myself a cup of water, i realized im so much being blessed. i doubting if i should shot some photo of the beautiful scene, but the ordinal city landscape hindered me. i really hope i can find more occasions to shot photos with my favorite camera, a FujiFilm FinePix s2000HD. i love it so much!

ok, now its the list of my loot today. i could see more robusty with my site building.
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