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8th snow in Qiqihar, China

yesterday its really chilly. in the night i busy with posting a blog entry for my newly claimed sites for my home town, zhudajiu, a mountain village in Central China. this morning after getting up my first thought is if it snown last night. on the way to office i saw the snow was heavy. i don't feel too glad to see the white, for it hinders me to carry my new camera with me as i intended. i remember in the urgent moments when i in need of snow to clean the dirty around from staining me, and my inherit love for snow white.
this morning again a busy morning. i didn't left my chair except for lavatory. i pushed the last post to my google apps sites, and new logo to all my publish channels. i by the way claimed a new youtube group, dajiuzh at http://www.youtube.com/group/dajiuzh, beside the previous channel of zhdajiu athttp://www.youtube.com/group/zhdajiu, and decorated them with their new logo. i ate fast food in office, for the snow covered road really can be dangerous.
ok, its a nice morning, in the atmosphere of coming holiday of lunar new year. i also look forward it, for leisure and gathering. ema asked several times why i longing for the holiday, now that my purse was empty and my social circle was meanly and countable. she don't know i always live with hope, and hope with my due glory and pride.

for i didn't carry my powerful new camera, i had to shot this snow scene with my poor cellphone camera.