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God shows with crystal clearance and shocking accurateness his gift for the Son, me


harness rich media for family entertainment.^a cloudy day. busy with rich resource on web. dash and rush for store of plays. God, save me from obsessing with those stuff i reckon valuable and hold dear. i know u grant my hobby on it.

this late afternoon u let me meet up my baby son, God of Universe, Hope of China, u let me not to eat steam bun any more, u let me doubting what is wrong in my recent life. i m a bit in puzzle. God, i know the life of ur son can't be more glorious, i know any moment i molding history with my deed and choice. God, let me in ur love, in ur shine, in ur consistent joys, let my beloved closer to me, to my new life in growing the Royal of China.

God, i trust u. promise me forever covering me with Spirit!

below is benzrad's web comments on Apr 14, 2010, lunar first day of March.

the world aphasia upon sinful challenge.

Re: http://amplify.com/u/4ijh @shaor3 yes, world steadily steers into total war between religions. "smart people" just half-close their eyes upon the International dumbfound and mute upon the mutation and persistent evil challenge.

all after all, God saves. the sin's brewing, its rise and fall, wax and wane, all in God's setting. the land's residents can change, but the title of God never changes.

in reference to: http://jatfla.amplify.com/2010/04/13/obama-no-guarantee-on-sanctions/#liComment_403 (view on Google Sidewiki)

on war by muslim.

Benzrad Zhu  Re: http://amplify.com/u/4ijp @shaor3 new forms of threats. war of security never stops, but changes forms. however, human history don't stopped by a single threat just for its alien harmful at cost of helpful.

on just-do-it life motto.

Benzrad Zhu  Re: http://amplify.com/u/4io9 @dgrossman yes, the bible also suggests the greatest joy of now, being now.

on mobile payment encourage Intelligent property.

Benzrad Zhu  insightful. easy payment on cell really somewhat encourage user to buy to read.