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benzrad's tweet&comment in rain days till now a bright and fresh morning.

tweet on May 19,2010

first mild sunny morning in these raining days.^last night worked on family clogs till 11pm. this morning neighbor wives' babble together outside woke me up.  its the first day in series of rain day with weak sunshine. i at once shifted my workspace into my dad's old house' front yard. fresh air and breeze let me at ease. i like my works since my arrival at my hometown village, my dad's land, so far. harvest season just assured from Heaven. now praying God that my beloved, my girls, esp. my girl zhou, follow and join me sooner. my fruit of persistent unshakable vision, living with my joy and love, ready for my girls, my Royal of China. God, that's my prayer in this auspicious morning.

tweet on May 18,2010

fruitful day.^drizzle&cloudy all day. help baby's mom, emakingir, update her local bookmarks via remote desk as scheduled, to include zoho challenge accounts claimed last night. read, later with help from friends in google buzz, activated family qq microblog accounts. tried to inform ema&succeeded in afternoon. so nice a day. visit http://t.qq.com/bentchu http://t.qq.com/warrenzhu http://t.qq.com/emakingir .even i dislike QQ, a Chinese mainstream portal, but i own the right to open its service, which in beta&requests invitation code, under my qq account. then tried zoho's new product, challenge, setup some question bank&mashup 2 tests. in night tried to suggest ema tried the ready tests. baby played pc game with his mom, and don't want to talk to his grandma, who felt at a loss&urged me to teach baby to show respect to her, but i rebuffed it. its really a fruitful day.

tweet on May 17,2010

a epiphanic morning.^posted a new blog entry last night. in dawn it rains cats and dogs. i praying God saves my bed&gadgets from raindrop, for the old roof leaked lots of raindrops.

full day rains to clean dirt.^raining all day. read most of time. nephew, now a entrepreneur, brought mother some gifts. a sinful fat woman of a villager's wife, seduced mother to profane my passed dad. taught mom the sin, but the demon cooked me a rich dinner&again fell into evil&recharged with feeling of triumph. God, save me from wasted mercy.

tweet on May 16,2010

a day of bliss.^read. treated visiting children&students with animation online and games. prepared&posted recent photos, failed many times even via proxy, succeeded with a cute girl's companion. late afternoon haunted front space of the village, shooting photos. the evil neighbor wives peeking me&around. God blesses me in dusk drizzle when i ate a rich dinner mother prepared. posted a blog entry for it in night.

tweet on May 15,2010

God's message yesterday.

benzrad's comment on May 17,2010

清华女生13年前被投毒铊中毒事件因阴暗的权力较量至今未果 - GFW BLOG

来源:人人网 希望大家耐心看完。 朱令,祝你生日快乐。 这是你的第三十五个生日。可是我不想叫你姐姐,因为在我一厢情愿的记忆里,你永远是那个健康活泼,聪明可爱的大学女生。 你之于我,是素未谋面的陌生人。可是自从今年年初我知道你的事情开始,你的名字就再也没有从我的脑海里褪去。我将用我生命中的每一个时刻,来记住你,记住你的遭遇。 十三年,弹指一挥间。十三年前清华校园里的你,意气风发,高大苗条,...
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benzrad zhu - no doubt the Sun should be killed by zhu, the coming national honored family name, the discloser&downtaker of dark&cheating recent China history with family name Sun, like Sun zhongshan. kill, kill, kill. 1:23 pm