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new hope of peace&rising against threats of murder.

Its a bright morning. i pushed recent tweets to web. God, in an era of competing for darkness&ugliness i don't save nor bless. in ur ordain, i kill or subdue all those rebellions against Holy. God, instill power&energy in me, lead me through the dirty with my Empire of China intact.


dog licking its paws.^today again a bliss. gaining pleasure from the web. facing evil stayed all noon break in office, upset me for i usually at that time sang alone in office. the sin all day challenged me on its seat. after dinner went to receive baby son who join his music lesson since left his kindergarten. a local mafia member passed me&let me in a cold shock. also many dubious men among the waiting parents outside of the music school. these 2 days the office sins frequently talked about local mafia in aim to daunt me. a wedding ceremony likely through the broker, a fake gangster in neighbor office of news department of the enterprise cable TV, enrolled 3 out of 4 professional TV cameras secretly, overtly against official mandate that professional TV cameras not allowed to service personal or folk events, while the company officially hosting a meeting which also demands shooting. most China mainland state-owned enterprise indeed under influence or control of mafia, which fed by the blood-thirsty&brutal authority since birth of PRC and grew into more and more losing patience with curtain of lies of Commonwealth with the society. i invited baby to dine in KFC&he gladly accepted, even in his mom's complains. there r again dubious persons in the restaurant, baby also restless on his seat, but after all its a good time for us, for the gathering so harmonious, so peculiar. God, summon me for ur task here on the planet, I'm fearless in the mob of evils. killing is not a problem for me, and my revenge is famous for its bitter&acid. lots of bloodshed will mushroom on the scary land, i assert.


a happy weekends.^this weekends full of games play. On Saturday i busy with migrating data between my mobile disk&a extended hard disk on legend home pc. on Sunday i rebuilt a clean os from backup with new patched&updates, then backup again, till baby&his mom dined out with her sister-in-law's family and returned. baby quite enjoyed our gaming time, laugh&scream a lot. the sunshine in the 2 days extra bright, baby's mom, emakingir, even complained stingy. in Saturday night, we three join a party hosted by baby's music lesson's school, xiaoyin music school (http://www.xwyy.com), which is a franchise network all the China mainland. but the party hardly to be interesting. on Sunday night, i sang again in dorm after settled the day creatively, for solitude&absence of my girls. today is Monday, the sunshine still brilliant, so hopeful in my life-long devotion. i pray God saves my works online, bring closer my new life in new marriage.


got up earlier. started to blog after made water. in office claimed more short url for family sites with x.co. its bright&a student drum team performing outside for teacher's day. so nice. read the morning blog: http://www.douban.com/note/90089994/ 
enjoy short url with x.co. dreamed of Japanese family.^continued to refine family main blogger blogs, added statistics sidebar, check latest refinement on them. refined chrome settings. read&d/l. claimed family account with x.co, a new shortening url service from godaddy.com, devised some custom url for family sites. baby's mom visited with her school here the meeting hall of QRRS, brought me ¥100&borrowed my ball pen. sorted portable in the end of work time. bought 2 new ball pen, including a green ink pen after 7pm. sang in dorm for God&solitude till neighbors visited. rest all night without any engagement. lately tried calling sally, found her ditched her old mobile numbers we used when i was in my hometown back to May, 2010. in dawn dreamed of visiting Japan. the hosting family has a son&a daughter. they treated me very well. on a small hill near their house, they likely discussing dividing it. i love the family. there appears more relatives, and likely they shared or abiding my passed dad's rule. i decided to inherit dad's arrangement&act accordingly. woke up by urination before 6am. its a golden morning outside.


dreamed of Ramadan.^last afternoon busy refining all family blogger blogs with new template&google buzz sidebars&footer till 7pm left office. dined out by debt. in dorm restored os on notebook. talked about kid brother's strange response, which suggests over-exhausting or weak stance upon baits or conspirations, in the night with baby's mom, emakingir. in dawn dreamed of Ramadan in village. i asked for food of Ramadan from an Imam, cheating or not. its a bright morning again. God, saves my work&merging reality of my Royal of China. saves my new family with my beloved girls. 

From grows Son
From grows Son
for google&flick blocked within China mainlnad for years, here some copy hosted domestic.

baby son, warrenzh, owner of warozhu.com, leaving his music school with his mom, emakingir, after lessons there.

baby son, warrenzh, owner of warozhu.com, his crayon paintings: loose straws.